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How to Distinguish Real VS Fake Komi Japan Organic Hair Dye Shampoo

Komi is a brand of hair dye shampoo from the land of cherry blossoms with outstanding advantages in quality and safety. Because it is a popular brand, there are currently many fake and fake hair dye shampoos labeled Komi on the market. These are all products of unknown origin, no distribution unit, no declared safe cosmetics according to the standards of the Ministry of Health.

The fake products, imitations of the Komi brand are of poor quality, not only causing damage to the hair, but also affecting health with long-term use.

Therefore, consumers need to be subtle and learn the necessary information to recognize genuine Komi hair dye shampoo.

  1. The smells:
  • Fake Komi:  the scent is unpleasant, poor quality, sticky black scalp.
  • Real Komi: the scent is good like herbs.

2. The liquid color:

  • Fake Komi: the liquid is very dark (when just pumping out and has not mixed yet)
  • Real Komi: the liquid is clear, or light brown when pumping out.

3. The box look: 


  • Fake Komi: does not have the manufacturer name and product name in English in the behind of the paper box
  • Real Komi: has the manufacture name and product name in English.


4. Stain on skin:

  • Fake Komi: stain badly and quickly on skin
  • Real Komi: even though real Komi does stain on skin, but it is very light when you touch the shampoo for a long time, and it is also washable. Recommend to use gloves before using.

Note: Some suppliers do fake stamps for Komi brand, so don’t look the stamp to compare, but base on the smell, liquid color and effectiveness after using Komi.

  • With ingredients extracted from 100% precious herbs of natural origin such as ginseng, honey, olive oil, morinda citrifolia fruit juice, aloe vera, oysters, ginger, argan oil… shampoo Komi hair dye is safe, benign and helps the hair to have a natural color.
  • Komi is different from traditional dyes and hair dye shampoos because the nutrients contained in the ingredients not only dye the color but also nourish the hair from deep inside, helping to keep the hair smooth, shiny, and improved. tangles, split ends and create a more floating feeling.
  • In particular, after washing, Komi shampoo leaves a pleasant natural scent, gently fragrant, seductive. Komi has a very hot fashion color palette for customers to choose from. In addition to the black tone, Komi also has diverse colors such as black brown, coffee brown, chestnut brown … suitable for Asian skin.
    It is worth mentioning that Komi organic shampoo “says no” to harmful chemicals, no Ammonia and PPD, no side effects, no irritation. Komi shampoo only changes the color of the hair but does not darken the skin of the hands when washing and does not stick to the scalp.

We are Asian Authentic and authorized distributor of Komi brands since January 2021.

We are here to guarantee our KOMI products are 100% authentic.

If you receive a defective or damaged bottle, please do not hesitate to contact us for the replacement or refund.

We have Komi hair dye shampoo in different types:

  1. Komi organic hair dye shampoo bottles 500ml (5 colors):
  2. Komi organic hair dye shampoo packs: 25ml each x 10 packs (5 colors):
  3. Komi organic hair dye shampoo smart comb: 350ml (7 colors):
  4. Komi hair dye conditioner 280 gram:
  5. Komi organic hair dye shampoo and conditioner set:

An interesting news that Komi hair dye combs and conditioner 280 gram are not imitated yet! 

How to use Komi hair dye shampoo?



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