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Is eating dried shrimp good for your health?

To choose foods for your family meals, you always have to consider which foods are both delicious and nutritious so that your family meal is always delicious but still full of energy. amount. Besides the selection of fresh products, dried foods are a good idea to change the taste of family meals and Dried Shrimps is a must-have choice.

Nutritionists have specifically quantified that every 100 grams of dried shrimp will contain 75.6g of protein and other substances such as calcium, phosphorus, iron … enough amount of protein needed for a day.

According to the experience of the shrimp maker, about 5 or 6 kilograms of fresh shrimp produces 1 kilogram of dried shrimp. Since ancient times, dried shrimp is an indispensable ingredient in a number of Asian dishes such as China, Korea, Southeast Asian countries, some countries in Africa. The smell and taste of dried shrimp always makes the dish unique and very different from the dishes from fresh shrimp, not as easily greasy as when using fresh shrimp.

If the Dried Shrimps are properly prepared and stored, the important nutrients will be captured and ensured your energy needs for one day.

What is even more amazing is that in Vietnam, with a tropical climate, the fishing and processing of shrimp are extremely easy, dried shrimp is especially delicious and has become a brand for some regions such as : Phan Rang, Khanh Hoa, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau …

Besides, if you are wondering what to do with Dried Shrimps, please rest assured, dried shrimp is a relatively easy food to cook and combine with other dishes such as pork, peanuts, beans, seaweed…. Or cook gourd soup, squash, the source of nutrition that it brings, nothing can make you more secure.

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