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Dong Chung Ha Cho Dong Trung Ha Thao Nguyen Con 45gr 50-60 pcs Korean Gold Militaris Cordyceps


According to Oriental medicine, the medicinal mushroom of Cordyceps has a sweet taste and is temperate, so it is very good for health. It can be used as medicine or nutritious dishes, prepared in the form of stewing, pickling, and decoction.

Wildly harvested on high mountains in Korea with the inspection and anti-counterfeiting stamp of the Korean Ministry of Agriculture.


– Korean Cordyceps steppe.

– Cordiceptic acid is a group of nutrients that are often difficult to supplement in the process of daily food absorption. Therefore, supplementing with Cordyceps helps the body to have more cordiceptic acid nutrients to support the body.

– The content of ingredients: cordycepin, adenosine, hydroxyethyl-adenosine is very good for the prevention of dangerous conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, cerebrovascular accident… Because these ingredients have productive effects produces energy as well as cells that have the effect of fighting against bad effects on the body – HEAA group of active ingredients has the effect of enhancing the body’s resistance and flexibility.

– Cordyceps sinensis contains 17 different amino acids, has D-mannitol, has lipids and has many trace elements (Al, Si, K, Na…) with anti-aging and strengthening effects. health.

– Many vitamins such as: A, B, vitamin C, in addition to vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin E, vitamin K,…


– Purification and detoxification are bad effects of new drugs on the kidneys, limiting the possibility of kidney failure.

– Stabilize blood pressure for people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cerebrovascular accident,…

– Supplement the amount of blood needed for the body, enhance blood circulation function to limit the phenomenon of cerebral ischemia.

– Strengthen the body’s resistance.

Anti-aging is the decline in the activities of organs and parts of the human body.

– Enhance memory ability, help remember longer, suitable for the elderly, mental workers or stress, fatigue.

– Cordyceps Cordyceps reduces blood cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis.

– Enhance male physiological function, limit premature ejaculation.

– Supports stable digestive function to help the body absorb the full amount of nutrients needed by the body.

Packing: 45g box (from 50-60 dried pieces)

Made in Korea

The product is not a medicine and is not a substitute for medicine!