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(New packaging) EVAMOST Feminine Hygiene Wash 120ml – Dung dịch rửa vệ sinh phụ nữ Evamost – Evamost Magic Wash for Women


Evamost cleaning solution helps to clean bacteria, deodorize, prevent diseases, help her white, fragrant and clean.

» Specification: 120 ml bottle
” Made in Viet Nam

EVAMOST is a special cleaning solution that has outstanding use in cleaning the genitals for both men and women, the ability to kill all bacteria, eliminate unpleasant odors, and immediately reduce the burning sensation. , rejuvenate the private area and effectively prevent gynecological diseases. With 100% natural ingredients, sweet fragrance and comfortable feeling, Evamost is being loved by many women and trusted by many celebrities.

With each drop of essence from Evamost, you will feel something new that no other product has ever brought, effective at first use:

✅ Cleaning the external genital area for both men and women

✅ Deodorize, kill bacteria, reduce itching, cool the skin

✅ Preventing and supporting the treatment of infections, itchy fungi

✅ Regenerate, restore, rejuvenate, whiten the private area

✅ The secret to keeping the fire of love and family happiness

✅ Clean inside and out, keep dry for 24 hours

✅ 100% natural, absolutely safe

✅ Effective immediately after 1 use

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