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Melasma Cream Treatment Transino Whitening Essence 30gram / 50 gram


Transino melasma cream good? Transino is considered the leading natural cosmetic brand in Japan with products specializing in skin care, whitening, and treatment of all facial skin problems effectively. With the main ingredient Tranexamic Acid, the product helps to thoroughly treat dark spots, pigmentation, and dark spots, noticeably effective after only 8 weeks of use. In addition, the Transino melasma cream also helps prevent the formation of new dark spots, keeping the skin bright and white as you wish. Ingredients of Transino melasma cream Main ingredients tranexamic acid, water, mulberry extract, D-Ca Panteteinsuruhon acid, trehalose sulfate Na, stearic acid, BG, sorbitan stearate, dimethicone, stearic acid-PEG, squalene, beheniruarukoru, toriokutan glyceryl, levels of storm fatty acids Dissolve guriseri, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, propylparaben, methylparaben … Who should use Transino melasma cream? The product is suitable for all skin types so anyone can use it. The main use of this product is to treat melasma, so it is especially suitable for cases that are beginning to appear signs of aging such as dark spots, freckles, dark spots. Instructions for using Japanese Transino melasma Apply Transino cream to the spots every day, morning and night. After applying to the affected area, do not apply other skin care products on that area. Try to eat in moderation, keep your mind at ease, and limit stress.