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ROYAL GOLD TOHCHUKASOU Cordyceps Made in Japan 420 capsules

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1 box of 420 tablets. Made in Japan.

Royal Premium Cordyceps Royal GOLD A wonderful combination with two substances L-Carnitine, Zinc will bring you health and confidence for life.

* L-Carnitine ? (Natural fat burner)

– L-carnitine is very effective for burning excess body fat, good for health and people with excess fat in the abdomen and can use L-carnitine to limit the daily increase of excess fat.

– In addition, L-carnitine also helps to increase blood circulation, for bodybuilding, it helps to increase blood to the muscles and also supports weight loss training.

– Helps people with disorders related to male physiology, and helps sperm quality better, more active.

* Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the body.

Zinc is a male element, with an essential role in the prostate gland, libido, sperm count and quality.

– Especially for acne-prone skin, those with hair loss and baldness will have improved hair growth.

* Cordyceps is known as a panacea discovered in Tibet. Because it grows in the high mountains with white snow, its shape resembles a silkworm, so the people here named it “The silkworm of the white snow”. Based on the characteristics of silkworm in winter, and grass in summer, it is called “Tai Cordyceps”.

The chemical analysis shows that in the biomass of cordyceps, there are 17 amino acids, D-mannitol, lipids, many trace elements aluminum, silicon, potassium, sodium,… Especially, cordyceps has Many biologically active substances have high medicinal value that scientists are gradually discovering thanks to advances in chemistry. Most notably is the active group HEAA (Hydroxy-Etyl-Adenosin-Analogs).

* Cordyceps also contains many vitamins (in 100g Cordyceps contains 0.12g vitamin B12; 29.19 mg vitamin A; 116.03 mg vitamin C, in addition to vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin E, vitamin K…).


– Take 7-10 tablets a day after eating.


– Not for use by children.

– Do not use when fever.

– Store the product in a cool place away from direct sunlight

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