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Royal Placenta 500.000mg No.1 Japanese Placenta Product


4 reasons for girls to choose ROYAL PLACENTA right away for fragrance – Exquisite beauty from the inside
🌿First: The Royal Placenta line with Placenta ingredients up to 500,000mg is produced under the most stringent process at the GMP certified factory of Japan and the source of 100% fresh pig placenta, This is the source of SPF pig placenta. accounting for only 8% of the total pig placenta in Japan, the pig breed is raised according to a series of regulatory standards to ensure the cleanest and purest.
🌿Second: Royal Placenta line is a harmonious combination of Collagen peptide ingredients from fish in the sea of ​​Japan, this is the type I and III collagen combined to create a bond for the skin to help the skin stretch, reduce shine. wrinkles… and other ingredients such as 101 fermented fruit plants, royal jelly, bird’s nest, salmon nose cartilage, pomegranate essence, red wine extract powder, rose essence, purple chrysanthemum flower, cherry blossom, Q10, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid… create a special product that makes you beautiful.
🌿Three: All materials and ingredients have a clear certificate of origin in Japan where there are the strictest regulations on production standards, when returning to Vietnam, they are inspected by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Comparative component testing and rigorous licensing.
🌿Fourth: The most outstanding and comprehensive improvement effect
  • Make skin smooth and white
  • Fades dark spots and freckles, improves acne blemishes
  • Anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, give skin elasticity, improve sagging
  • Helps even skin tone, firm skin, tighten pores
  • Improve hormones, restore spring for perimenopause
  • Helps restore the digestive system, reduce visceral fat, purify the body, increase the body’s resistance.