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SET Japanese KOMI ORGANIC Hair Dye Shampoo 500ml & Conditioner 280g



  • Natural Black
  • Brown Black
  • Dark Brown Chestnut
  • Grape Purple
  • Coffee

Komi hair dye shampoo is the perfect combination between the essence of nature and modern technology, undergoing extremely rigorous and rigorous testing and production processes. Therefore, the safety and quality of products help the Komi organic shampoo line to win the trust of consumers. The outstanding difference of Komi lies in the usefulness that it brings to users. Non-abrasive and damaging to the hair like conventional hair dye products, Komi Silver Shampoo with a special formula will support hair nourishment from deep within, helping to keep hair smooth, shiny, improve tangles, split ends and create a more floating feeling. Users not only own beautiful, natural-colored dyed hair, but are also more confident with the beauty and shine of Komi’s rich nourishing regimen.

People have long been famous for their natural beauty, gentleness and serenity. Likewise, Komi shampoo is especially interested in recreating natural beauty with the most benign. Not only possessing natural ingredients full of nutrients, Komi also says no to the use of toxic chemical additives that are harmful to human health. Your hair will be gently pampered by the product that is completely free of harmful chemicals, without Ammonia and PPD, with no side effects, no irritation and no blackening of the scalp.

Special: does not contain parabens; no colorants; no paraffin; no phthalates; no DEA.

Proprietary Formula 5 No: 🚫 No Parabens 🚫 No colorants 🚫 Paraffin free 🚫 No Phthalates 🚫 DEA-free *TIPS: Use in combination with KOMI Repairing and Moisturizing Shampoo for best results.


  • Argan Oil: has the ability to moisturize hair, restore damage and stimulate black hair growth, considered the savior of many of you who have damaged hair.
  • Ginseng: at the top of the KOMI shampoo ingredient list is Ginseng essence. This is an extremely rare and nutritious herb.
  • Honey: has a moisturizing effect on the hair, giving you softer and healthier hair. Because, honey in KOMI shampoo contains a lot of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help nourish & care for healthy hair. In addition, honey also supports the treatment of dandruff and oily skin effectively.
  • Aloe vera extract: is a hair-conditioning ingredient in KOMI shampoo, helping to nourish and restore damaged hair. At the same time, aloe vera also accelerates the hair regeneration process, prevents premature graying of hair, helps hair grow healthy from deep inside.
  • Olive Oil: This is the main ingredient found in many hair creams today. Olive oil will help clean dandruff, remove dead skin and improve flaking, thereby taking care of clean and healthy hair, supporting new born hair to be black and shiny.


  • Cover hair color quickly, effectively on color after only 10 minutes of use.
  • Your hair after washing will be colored as desired, naturally beautiful as if it has never been faded, especially Komi helps to keep dyed hair color up to more than 45 days after use.
  • No unpleasant smell like chemical hair dyes, Komi pampers your hair with the scent of cherry blossom mixed with natural herbal scent, light and pleasant.
  • Natural nutrients in Komi silver-coated shampoo help nourish hair to be naturally smooth, nourished and healthy without dryness, breakage.
  • Komi says no to harmful chemicals, does not contain Ammonia and PPD, does not cause side effects, scalp irritation, scalp sting, does not stick to the scalp and hands.

Why should I use this?

  • No.1 Best Seller in Japan
  • Fast Silver Covering In 5 Minutes To Gray Hair Roots
  • 100% From Natural Herbs
  • Pleasant Herbal Fragrance ​ ️

🎁 Instructions for use:

  • Step 1: Let your hair dry or moisten your hair (wet your hair, then dry your hair with a towel to make sure it’s damp).
  • Step 2: Wear the gloves included in the box.
  • Step 3: Take an appropriate amount of shampoo, mix well.
  • Step 4: Apply evenly and gently massage for 2-3 minutes the entire hair you want to cover.
  • Step 5: Leave for 10-15 minutes (Black color) and 15-30 minutes (other colors) for the nutrients to penetrate into the hair, then rinse with water.
  • Step 6: Use Komi conditioner (apply on the hair for 3-5 minutes)
  • Step 7: Wash with water

Note: When the hair roots grow, use the next time.

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