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[Set of 2] Transino II 240 tablets Melasma & Dark Spots Treatment | Made in Japan | Daiichi Sankyo Manufacturer

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Transino II 240 tablets – Your Solution of Melasma – Work well in 2 months. 

  • Main Use of Transino II: Remove and Fade Melasma, Dark Spots, Sun Spots Age Spots, Spots caused after birth.
  • How to use Transino II: Take 4 capsules a day (2 capsules/ time  in the morning and in the evening). Drink continuously for 2 months. 

Children under 15 years old can not take Transino II 240 tablets.

Use Transino II 240 tablets in 2 months. After that, skip 2 months. If you see your face skin has an outstanding result that there is totally no more melasma, then you can stop. Otherwise, you also can maintain your good skin by continue using Transino II but just 2 tablets/ pay instead of 4 tablets/ day.

  • Indication: Spots (limited to melasma)
  • Ingredients: This tablet contains the following ingredients in 4 tablets which help remove melasma and dark spots quickly.
  • Why does Transino II work well for Melasma?
  • Transino’s mechanism of action:
– Transino II melasma supplement is the best-selling product with the highest specific treatment effect after only 8 weeks – Transino products.
– The main ingredient is a substance used to limit bleeding (for people with blood clotting disorders), control bleeding after surgery, nose or menstrual bleeding, prevent blood loss…
– This product should be used if you have had melasma for a long time, profound melasma, and have had multiple treatments. It should still be used with Transino’s care products if at all possible!

*Recommendation: Transino II 240 tablets Melasma Whitening should be used with Transino Essence 30 gram Serum Melasma to get the best result in 2 months.

Link product: Melasma Cream Treatment Transino Whitening Essence 30gram

Transino II before and after use

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