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Shiseido The Collagen Drink 50 ml x 10 bottles



– Supports to create a bond and elasticity of the skin, restore skin structure to bring a smooth rejuvenating skin, not sagging or forming many wrinkles when old.
– Supplement the abundant collagen, HA & Gaba content to increase skin elasticity from deep inside, avoid external harm.
– Promotes continuous circulation to produce new tissue for smooth, healthy skin.
Supplement the content of vitamins group B, Vitamin A, D, E, C with Protein, Glucid, enzymes, … And essential minerals help nourish and regenerate cells to help skin smooth, ruddy.
Abundant nutrients help make hair shiny and nails strong.
– Support to improve the body’s resistance, improve mental, reduce insomnia, prolonged stress.
– Help prevent skin aging.
– Good support for the cardiovascular system by supplementing blood-forming nutrients to feed the body.

Subjects using Collagen Shiseido

  • Women under 30 want to prevent aging.
  • Women want to slow down the premature aging process.
  • Women want to minimize and eliminate wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin color ..
  • Women want to maintain a lasting youthful and youthful beauty.
  • Women lose weight, lack of quality.

Instructions for using Shiseido The Collagen

  • Should use 1 bottle of Shiseido anti-aging water collagen daily.
  • Should be used continuously for at least 30 days to see the anti-aging effects of water-based collagen Shiseido.
  • Collagen Shiseido is a beauty food so you can drink it regularly every day.

In order for Collagen Shiseido to take full advantage of its effects, you should note:

  • When using Collagen Shiseido in the form of water, you should balance your diet and rest every day.
  • If Japanese Collagen Shiseido has particles or precipitates, the product’s quality will not be affected and is still guaranteed, at this time you should shake Shiseido Collagen in water form before drinking.
  • To ensure the quality of aqueous Collagen Shiseido, please do not leave aqueous Collagen Shiseido in the freezer.
  • Japanese Collagen Shiseido is better when stored in the refrigerator.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not take the liquid Collagen Shiseido.

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