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[The History of Whoo] Gongjinhyang : Soo Vital Hydrating 3Pcs Gift Set


Gongjinhyang Soo: A royal court formula that hydrates the skin with a clean and pure spirit and moisture.
Gongjinhyang Soo is a royal court Oriental hydration line thaat facilitates
sooseunghwagang(sending water up and fire down) and moisturizes theskin through the addition of “cheonggiiksudan”
which fills the skin with a pure spirit like oxygen, and “eunhasoo”
which supplies purified moisture to the skin, to “gongjinbidan”

GongJinHyang Soo Yeon Balancer:
Gongjinbidan complex enhances the skin tone while moisturizing skin just after the facial wash

GongJinHyang Soo Yeon Emulsion:
Gongjinbidan complex enhances the skin tone while moisturizing skin just after the Balancer

GongJinHyang Soo Yeon Cream:
This is the cream that sustains the moist feeling by energizing the skin through the alleviation of the dryness of the skin,
exposed to hazardous environment. this is ideal for the skin that is not very dry,
but that has to maintain sense of moisture for a long time.

Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon Hydrating Balancer – 20ml 

Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon Hydrating Emulsion – 20ml 

Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon Cream – 4ml

How to use
Take an appropriate amount, spread evenly and let it absorb.
Balancer → Emulsion → Cream

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