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How to know which skin whitening products are for us?

5 Criteria for choosing a safe home body whitening product

1 – Choose a reputable brand

 dưỡng trắng da toàn thân tại nhà bằng các nhãn hiệu uy tính

Priority is given to reputable brands and companies that have been around for a long time about beauty products!

Choose products with good reviews on popular beauty channels.
It is advisable to gather comments from many sources to get an objective review of the whitening product you are about to buy.

2 – Refer to the good ingredients in the white lotion

Các thành phần sản phẩm dưỡng trắng tại nhà rất quan trọng

Look for a skin whitening cream that contains proven natural lightening compounds. Ingredients can be found in natural whitening creams like vines (arbutin), strawberry extract, Gigawhite, Kojic acid, and Vitamin C.

3 – Whitening products must be suitable for the skin

Dưỡng trắng da toàn thân tại nhà một cách an toàn

Before choosing to buy a whitening cream you need to check first using samples available. Let it sit for 10 minutes if no irritation or allergy to ingredients in the cream occurs, you can use.

Also, take care to choose the right whitening product for your skin type to avoid possible damage to the skin. Some reactions when whitening products are not suitable for you such as: redness, itchy rashes, sores, sores, skin abrasions … So, find the right skin whitening cream that is right for your skin. necessity.

4 – User verified

Lately, a lot of skin whitening products have appeared, making her wonder. So, before using a product, you should carefully understand the quality as well as the exact reviews from previous users. Products that many people use before well evaluate the safety for your skin. Do not believe too much on the advertisements of the company or the seller, but rather trust the friends and acquaintances who have used the product before.

5 – Experts verify and evaluate the results

A top reputable brand will help you learn good or bad feedback from the product. For big brands, safety is a very important thing. Wanting to develop a brand means that verifying experts have to go through many stages from inspection, evaluation, testing, … before bringing products to consumers.

You may not really believe in consumer reviews, but with the assessment commitments of experts, you will be more reassured when using a certain cosmetic product. This is also a form to ensure customer safety as well as reduce anxiety for users.

Tips to distinguish skin whitening products suitable for skin types

1 – Choose a body whitening product for oily skin

Oily skin has active sebaceous glands, pore clogging, oily skin, and large pores are common. This is also the area most prone to acne breakouts. So, when choosing skin whitening products for oily skin you should avoid the following mistakes:

Has strong bleaches: Your skin can be more oily if you use products with strong detergents, thin skin can easily lead to pigmentation, dullness and acne.
Products containing alcohol: Stay away from white creams that contain strong alcohol ingredients (alcohol listed). Your skin will quickly dry, leading to more sebum production, and it is easy to form acne.
The ingredients in white lotion: The cream does not contain oil (oil free), does not clog the pores (noncomedogenic), contains water (base). A natural skin lotion is the optimal choice for her oily skin.
2 – Choose a whitening product for dry skin

Dry skin has the benefits of poor sebum, weak ability to hold moisture, easy to crack, dry skin, flaking and less acne. Dry skin wrinkles are easier to appear than oily skin. Moisturizing dry skin is essential. Some notes when choosing the right product:

The ingredients in skin whitening cream: hydrolyzed collagen, Na hyaluronic acid, avocado extract, almond, white chamomile, vitamin E, B … all work to make skin dry, balance moisture, help Fresh, gentle skin.
Moisturizer’s origin: You should choose reputable brands, which are trusted by many people, with comments on their pros and cons for you to find a fix.
3 – Choose a whitening product for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is more recognizable than the two above skin types, often the skin is easily irritated, allergic to many types of ingredients and external factors. The skin is quite soft, thin, clearly visible red blood vessels and tendons on the skin.

  • The ingredients in white skin products: Prioritize those containing the words “For sentitive skin”. Do not choose products with preservatives, strong scents, and colorants.
  • Thanks to the advice of experts: This skin type is quite “difficult” because any ingredient in the product if not paying attention can cause skin irritation. So experts recommend natural products. Has anti-inflammatory, calming, skin-restoring ingredients.

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