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What is Dried Squid (Authentic Vietnamese)? Why is it expensive?

Mực khô 18-22 con/kg đặc biệt. - Đặc Sản Đà Nẵng Hồ Ngọc Hà
Vietnamese Dried Squid

How to catch

Squid lives near the shore or offshore. For squid or wanderer who do not like living in one place, the fishing method used by fishermen is fishing, so it is called squid. And the squid mainly live in a deep place where there is little swimming, people often use rake to catch. Because scratching with other types of seafood and each time you remove the rake into the sea about 5 – 6 hours, you pull it up, so the scratched squid will not be fresh, the squid skin is easily scratched and the body is thinner than the squid.

Processing method

Squid caught when alive, was cut belly to remove all organs and then dried. Squid can be dried in two ways: pan-drying or sun-drying. For squid, people often choose the method of drying on frying. After drying, the squid looks straight and beautiful.

With different fishing methods and drying methods, so that the dried squid and squid look different so it’s easy to see.

Quality of dried squid

Dried squid looks nice, I’m thicker than scratched squid. And when grilled, dried squid will feel the sweetness, richer than the dried squid, so dried squid is more popular and the price is also more expensive.
Squid scratched on the surface of the water is usually dead, not fresh. When bringing, people bring belly cuttings and expose them to dry in large quantities. After drying, squid is usually drier and harder than squid.

Dried Squid in shore

With economic conditions, some boat owners in some sea areas cannot afford the processing and drying right off the coast, but have to dry them on the mainland. This process makes the ink lose its freshness and does not guarantee dry ink hygiene because of insects, dust and smoke. Not to mention that drying out enough sunlight due to weather will cause the ink colors to be distorted.

Dried squid is especially popular because it can be kept for a long time, but to choose delicious squid, you should choose “dried squid”, which is a delicious and sweet squid, unlike “dried squid”. Dried squid has a much higher price than scratch-dried squid, because its quality is much better.

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